4 Types Of CCTV Cameras

Types of CCTV Camera

Prior to the installation, Garisson Alarms will provide different camera options that will match your building requirements. Each type of camera will have its benefits, so it’s useful to mix and match when building a CCTV system. Fortunately, the provider will help you make an informed decision.

To give you an idea, Garrison prepared a list of some of the popular types of CCTV cameras for commercial buildings:

Bullet Cameras are the most recognizable type of CCTV camera, so they can act as a deterrent. Cylindrical and tubular in design, these cameras are capable of recording long distances.

Dome Cameras have a dome-shaped casing, making them more discreet in appearance. This also makes it difficult to know where the camera is pointing, which is helpful in deterring criminals. These are easy to fit due to their compact and unobtrusive design.

PTZ Cameras are Pan Tilt & Zoom Cameras. This gives security teams more control when monitoring the activity on site.

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