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Garrison Alarms – The Best Place for Paradox Alarm Systems

A reassuring bonus is that all new Paradox alarms come with Garrison’s 5 year warranty on hard-wired equipment which is our testimony to their amazing quality and reliability.

The one thing both we at Garrison and you the customer want is a trouble free alarm, no surprise false alarms in the night or anytime for that matter. The secret to ensuring this reliability is skillful installation by experienced licensed technicians. Our technicians are all NZ security association licensed and police vetted, so you know they can be trusted at your property.

Why is Paradox NZ’s most popular alarm brand?

One of the biggest advantages is that PARADOX can have both wired and wireless components working on the one system. For many this means they can reuse any existing wiring whilst also having the flexibility – if cabling is not aesthetically pleasing or practical – to add additional sensors or smoke detectors wirelessly to the new control box.

Remote Control With Extensive Range

Paradox alarm wireless hand remote controllers have extensive range, which means you can conveniently open the electric garage door and switch off the alarm from your car coming along the drive with just the press of two buttons.

Garrison Alarms installed a very comprehensive alarm system in our property which could be considered as a rather taxing task given the complexity of our property. Nonetheless the installation was done with a high degree of professionalism and efficiency. I personally would recommend Garrison Alarms to anyone, and have already advised other friends and colleagues who are interested in getting an alarm to approach Garrison. I have no hesitation in suggesting to use Garrison Alarms friendly and extremely professional service.

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GARRISON has a wide range of commercial and residential electrical services means we can help at each stage – from planning and consultation to execution and ongoing safety services.