Home CCTV camera surveillance system

In recent years the use of CCTV security cameras in every walk of life has soared. The massive number of cameras made today has meant volume production unit cost savings so a CCTV system will cost you only half of what it would have just 5 years ago. Garrison Security offer a host of purchase or lease options to help ease the pressure on the cash flow.

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A new era of crystal clear picture quality in home CCTV systems has arrived

The introduction of ‘IP’ cameras has brought about a new era of crystal clear picture quality in home CCTV systems. With ‘live view’, playback and zoom options, you can now see what is going on at your place, day or night, from the convenience of your smart phone.

CCTV camera systems

CCTV systems have become an important component of residential security and serve as a visible deterrent by recording activities in areas where they are placed. Auckland residents have come to accept the presence of CCTV cameras and their ability to make areas safer.

No more grainy CCTV picture

Gone are the days of grainy and vague CCTV picture. In the past, residential CCTV cameras were big, intrusive and required recorder DVRs that were a real challenge to use.

Contemporary  CCTV cameras can be made to suit specific applications and almost any environment. Modern features include day & night number plate recording, movement activation and wide angle view options as well as specific indoor, outdoor & vandal-proof models.