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Video Intercoms

Video intercoms are advanced communication systems that allow visual and audio communication between two or more parties, typically used for security and access control purposes. They consist of a camera, microphone, speaker, and a display unit. When someone approaches a door or entry point, they can activate the intercom system, enabling them to see and speak with the person inside the premises.

Video intercoms are commonly installed at the entrance of residential buildings, commercial establishments, offices, and gated communities. They serve as an added layer of security, allowing residents or staff to visually verify the identity of visitors before granting access.


Key features of video intercoms include:

Visual verification:

The built-in camera captures a live video feed of the visitor, allowing the occupants to see who is at the door or gate.

Two-way communication:

Video intercoms enable clear audio communication between the visitor and the occupant, providing a convenient and secure means of interaction.

Remote access:

Some video intercoms are equipped with mobile app integration, enabling remote access and communication from smartphones or other connected devices.

Integration with access control:

Video intercoms can be integrated with access control systems, allowing users to remotely unlock doors or gates for authorized visitors.


The presence of video intercoms can act as a deterrent to potential intruders or unwanted solicitors, as they are aware that their actions are being recorded.

Recording capabilities:

Certain video intercom systems offer recording capabilities, allowing homeowners or business owners to keep a record of past visitors and interactions.

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