Hybrid alarm systems

A hybrid alarm is a standard alarm with a wireless receiver inbuilt. So alarm components can be either wired or wireless.

Why choose a hybrid alarm system for your home?

  1. An old wired in alarm can be “upgraded ” reusing the existing cabling for the less expensive wired in components. Where upgrades are required and cabling is a challenge, wireless components can be used.
  2. You are future proofed as a hybrid alarm is very expandable. You can start with the basics and add extras in the future such as remote controllers, smart phone control, wireless sensors to a sleep out etc.  This can be wired in if it can be done discreetly… or wirelessly if it makes life simpler.

The PARADOX 5050 model is a great example of a quality hybrid alarm. Talk to Garrison Alarms today about hybrid alarms, or request an onsite survey and quote for your alarm installation or upgrade.

Not sure if you need a wired or wireless alarm?

Compare this to the benefits of a wired or wireless alarm, or contact us for an onsite survey and quote. We will assess your property, make recommendations and discuss your options in detail so you can make an informed decision for the best home alarm protection.

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