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Superior sensors

Bosch alarms have developed a special sensor which combines the normal infra-red technology with microwave. This gives the sensor greater stability in harsh environments such as hot temperatures and are pet proof to 45 kgs.

Motion activated night light modules

Feeling your way in the dark to the bathroom can be dangerous especially for a child or the elderly. Avoid this issue with a BOSCH night light clipped onto a corner mounted alarm sensor. When you enter the area covered by the sensor the light will automatically come on. You can select the brightness so the area is softly illuminated. It will even work during a power cut as it taps into the alarms back up battery power supply.

Some great accessory options

  • Elderly Care – stylish water resistant “wristband” panic transmitter.
  • Hand remotes – which allow arm/disarm and night time part arm/disarm.
  • Outdoor sensors – to cover the expensive patio equipment or boat.
  • Smoke and gas detectors.

Unsure if Bosch is the right system for you? Our free consultation and quote service will ensure you get the best system and accessories for your situation at the best price. Garrison also support our Bosch Customers with a 24/7 emergency helpline for your complete peace of mind.

Your home or business can rely on a BOSCH alarm

They come in a range of sizes to cater for both residential and commercial applications of all sizes.   BOSCH have proven their reliability with their patented “blue line” intrusion technology – ideal for our variable NZ climate.

Bosch Alarms are at the forefront of new technology with both remote and smartphone control.  Their new sleek “touch screen ” codepad is a delight to use. Available in both wired and wireless options with “video verification ” allowing you to see on your smartphone who or what caused the alarm to activate. Most NZSA approved alarm installation companies support and recommend Bosch.

Say goodbye to false alarms

Bosch sensors have advanced first step processing. This means sensors intelligently analyse motion and can identify humans from other sources of movement like a curtain blowing in the wind or moving appliances. Some models of sensor can even cater to your pets or the odd rodent. This stops the stress of wondering what caused the alarm to go off and the nuisance factor of having to go home to check what caused the false activation.

Unique lookdown sensors

Most alarm sensors are corner mounted and have a lens that looks out and downward. This covers a good part of most rooms but it doesn’t cover what’s directly beneath it, which often is stairs, a doorway, or even both. These are not seen by many brands of sensors. However BOSCH sensors also have a lens fitted underneath which eliminates the risk of someone remaining undetected.



Garrison Alarms installed a very comprehensive alarm system in our property which could be considered as a rather taxing task given the complexity of our property. Nonetheless the installation was done with a high degree of professionalism and efficiency. I personally would recommend Garrison Alarms to anyone, and have already advised other friends and colleagues who are interested in getting an alarm to approach Garrison. I have no hesitation in suggesting to use Garrison Alarms friendly and extremely professional service.


bosch video system by garrison alarms

Garrison Alarms carries a full range of innovative video security solutions that go beyond the highest security demands of today and deliver clear business advantages beyond security. Multi-imager camera, Bullet Cameras, Fixed Dome Cameras, Panoramic Cameras.

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Garrison Alarms ensure the safety and protection of individuals and assets with our reliable and comprehensive security solutions. Whether you require a straightforward installation or a complex, large-scale project, we deliver integrated security systems that leverage industry-leading technology. Our solutions are supported by a team of experts who provide unparalleled support and assistance throughout the process.

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Invest in intelligent fire detection systems and advanced voice evacuation solutions to ensure the safety of occupants and make future-proof investments in building security. Our state-of-the-art technology offers comprehensive fire detection capabilities, coupled with cutting-edge voice evacuation systems for efficient and effective emergency communication.

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Our portfolio is complemented by a wide range of access control accessories. The accessories include request-to-exit detectors, locking hardware, batteries and magnetic contacts.