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If you have a Micron alarm at your place, but don’t know who installed it and need a code for it, then contact us. We can usually reprogram them and set you up with an operation code, we also have qualified technicians on our team that are able to fully service and repair them. A Micron alarm can last a good 15 years if it is regularly serviced by professionals.

Find out more about our Alarm Servicing and Alarm Upgrades service.

Micron Alarms Auckland

Micron alarms is a NZ Auckland based alarm manufacturer that started in 1974, and still operates today. While Micron Alarms are a good security brand, we recommend other brands such as Paradox, RISCO and Elite. These brands have more features for the same price and are a lot more common around NZ.

Preferred brand for decades

Micron alarms dominated the NZ market in the 70s, 80s and 90s, proving to be a good budget alarm for both home and business and widely used by electricians. With easing of import restrictions in the 90s, Micron began to face very strong competition from overseas alarm brands like Paradox and DSC.

Thank you for the alarm installation. I would just like to thank Garth for the manner in which he completed his work processes under quite trying conditions. I was very impressed with his clear explanations and use of the Garrison system. I will certainly give positive feedback to others regarding your system and company..

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3 year warranty on hard-wired equipment to give you a reliability assurance