Home access control and Intercom systems Auckland

Gone are the days of big clunky intercom systems with grainy picture quality and choppy audio. The latest Aiphone home access control and intercom systems provide clarity in image and audio in a reliable and sleek package. Aiphone is a two-time winner of the prestigious Deming Prize and is ISO Certified. Aiphone products routinely last for years and are only commonly replaced due to the application outgrowing the system capacity. 

Avoid misidentification and miscommunication with the AIphone suite of home access control and intercom solutions.

JP Series 7″ touchscreen video intercom with room-to-room communication

With an amazing 7” touchscreen paired with an easy-to-use navigation menu, the Aiphone JP Series makes identification and communication a breeze. With up to four door stations, each with their own hands-free and handset communication, it can record visitors onto a removable SD/SDHC card and is capable of door partitioning to segment and only receive calls from specific door stations.

JO series video intercom with mobile app capability

Combine the best features of a physical and remote system with the Aiphone JO series. It offers video doorbell with nobile app capability for the on-the-go home or business owner. You can identify, speak and unlock your door from the comfort of your home using the hardwired system or from the mobile app if you are out and about. 

Best of all, the JO Series is available at a one-time cost without long-term contracts or fees.

GT series versatile multi-tenant security intercom

Meet the security needs of a large complex with the sleek Aiphone GT Series. It combines many of the amazing features available in other Aiphone access control systems but at scale. The modern entry interface allows tenants and guards to easily identify individuals before granting them access into the premises. Convenience is also extended to property managers as tenant directory updates can be made directly to the system through remote VPN login or NFC technology.

Take the next step in home access control and intercom technology

The best way to determine the system which will best suit your situation and business is to have a surveyor complete a free onsite inspection. This includes checking the cabling options available (or advice on a wireless option where appropriate), where components would be best located, and advising the best model for you.

If you are simply upgrading an existing system our expert technicians will find the best solution to fit into the same space and make the best use of existing cabling.