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Protect Your Home 24/7 with Expert Alarm Monitoring

Our expert alarm monitoring service in Auckland ensures your home’s safety day and night. We offer 24/7 surveillance to respond swiftly to any alert, keeping your loved ones and property secure. With state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated team, we provide peace of mind in every situation.

Secure Your Business with Professional Monitoring

Keep your business safe 24/7 with our professional alarm monitoring services. We protect your investment against threats by offering round-the-clock surveillance and quick response. Our advanced monitoring solutions are designed to meet your business’s unique needs, ensuring continuous operation and peace of mind.

Special Service + 4G Communicator Only $199 Monitoring Setup

Protect your property and keep monitoring even if you just got fibre or your old landline / 3G communicators are becoming redundant.  For ONLY 199+gst, we will have your alarm serviced, monitoring set up, and alarm battery replaced.  After this, you pay only the monitoring costs, and the 4G fees are FREE for the length of the contract. 

Focused technician at alarm monitoring center overseeing security systems.

Not Having Monitoring

For your Business – It means spending time organising an after hours call roster of staff and of course that gets hard to do in the summer holiday months an long weekends.

For your home – It means arranging friends, family and neighbours to keep an eye on your place while you are away, and of course you have to return the favour for them when they are away, so that can become a pain and you can’t ask them too often.

Monitoring The Alarm Yourself

  • Hand remotes – with alarm arm / disarm  night time part arm / disarm
  • Outdoor sensors – to cover the expensive patio equipment or boat
  •  Smoke and gas detectors

Unsure if the system you are after is the right system for you? Our free consultation and quote service will ensure you get the best system and accessories for your situation at the best price. Garrison also support our Bosch Customers with a 24 / 7 emergency helpline for your complete peace of mind.

Why Have Your Business or Home Alarm Monitored?

Monitoring is all about giving you “peace of mind” knowing if ever your alarm reports a problem, an emergency or there has been a break-in, immediately security is on the way in the form of a First Patrol licensed security guard.

What Do You Get For Your Money

Our Monitor NZ Ltd colleagues are an experienced professional monitoring team, who are keeping a keen watch on your place 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

  • Garrison alarms are programmed to report in to the monitoring base every 24hrs to confirm all is well (not once every 7 days as some companies offer).
  • The Alarm will advise the monitoring base of any problem or trouble it is experiencing, and they in-turn will call you to report this, or advise us at GARRISONS alarm servicing.
  • For most of our monitored clients, it’s reassuring for them knowing licensed experienced “first patrol” security guards stand ready to jump into action in the event your alarm activates or reports an emergency.
  • The guard on arrival at your place completes a perimeter inspection for any obvious signs of intrusion or problem, checking doors and windows are secure. Where intrusion has occurred, the thieves gone, the guard reports back to base and remains at the site while arrangements to re-secure the property are made. If desired, the guard can also complete an internal inspection, but for this he would need to be provided with a key and code. (* guard callouts at an additional cost ) 

Garrison Alarms installed a very comprehensive home alarm system in our property which could be considered as a rather taxing task given the complexity of our property. Nonetheless the installation was done with a high degree of professionalism and efficiency. I personally would recommend Garrison Alarms to anyone, and have already advised other friends and colleagues who are interested in getting an alarm to approach Garrison. I have no hesitation in suggesting to use Garrison Alarms friendly and extremely professional service.