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The Bosch Brand Page Picturebest way to avoid becoming a target of opportunist thieves is having a professionally installed security alarm system in your home or business. Statistics show it reduces the risk of Burglary by an amazing 94%.

Garrison Security has found that the secret to this success is in the strategic positioning of the alarms components, especially the sensors and external sirens. Thieves won’t break into a property if they can clearly see it has a modern external siren and alarm sensors that are visible when looking in from outside, there’s no point as the alarm will be screaming and making phone calls before they have even broken in.

You then are spared the time consuming nuisance of an insurance claim, the thieves having departed for greener pastures without doing “break in” damage at your place.

Opportunist burglaries occur a lot today because its an easy crime.

  • In homes, because the neighbourhoods are empty as everyone is at work, at school or on holiday.
  • In businesses, because everyone is finished for the day or the week, so there are lots of hours when nobody is around.

Todays alarms make life difficult for thieves

  • Alarm components are all equipped with an anti tamper device including the cabling. This means that burglars can no longer disable the siren so neighbours don’t hear the alarm alert.
  • alarms if activated can now instantly make phone calls to you, a friend, a family member or a neighbour or to a patrolled respond monitoring station, which means someone could turn up within minutes.
  • alarm sensors and detectors with passive infrared and microwave technology are extremely difficult for thieves to beat.


Today’s alarms are so easy to use and are designed to be used daily with simple alarm and disarm options using a modern touch screen code pads, hand remote controls or even on with a smartphone which is becoming very popular.


False alarms are becoming a thing of the past with inbuilt trouble diagnostics (which means the alarm will report to you when something needs attention without sounding the sirens unexpectedly) and the vastly more stable sensors able to cater pets, extreme temperatures and drafts.


There is a great selection of alarm monitoring options for home alarms. From an automatic call to your mobile which you can then deal with, to patrolled response alarm monitoring from the expert Garrison Security team. There is a monitoring option available to suit your needs.

Read more about our Residential Alarm Monitoring and Business Alarm Monitoring options.

NOT ALL ALARMS ARE EQUAL – While alarms can look very similar, their ability to cope with a range of environmental conditions can vary dramatically. Most false alarm activations are caused by alarm sensors not coping with droughts, hot rooms, reflected sunlight etc. The more intelligent sensors can cope with a raft of these typical conditions and can even distinguish pets from intruders. This all means you can stop being disrupted by false alarms!

NOT ALL ALARM INSTALLERS ARE EQUAL – The quality of your alarm installation will be dramatically reflected in its performance. Garrison technicians are NZSA licensed and experienced with the knowledge to give you the perfect alarm and installation to suit your property needs.

Ensuring you get a quality alarm installed correctly


  • The alarm New Zealand TELEPERMIT to allow a phone connection.
  • Ensure reliability with hard-wired alarms supported with a 5 year warranty and 24/7 service support available.
  • Expandable so you can add extra sensors later if you want including monitoring services.
  • Ensure it’s an insurance approved brand
  • The alarm comes complete with an external siren the powerful visual evidence your home is alarmed to warn off burglars before they strike.


  • Is justice department licensed and been operating for at least 3 years
  • A member of the New Zealand Security Association (NZSA) and carry a compliance certificate
  • The technicians are licensed registered and electrically compliant with an ID card
  • Offers a free on SITE SURVEY/QUOTE  is the very best way to check out these credentials

Garrison Security meets all of these criteria offering only the best alarms with expert installation, providing protection and peace of mind for your home and contents!

We offer a FREE ON SITE SURVEY AND QUOTE to ensure that the most cost effective alarm components including the controlling keypad, sensors, siren and other features are positioned correctly for maximum coverage and  convenience and that will best deter thieves. Our qualified surveyor will assess your property and lifestyle to help you best determine the alarm and features to suit your needs.


Alarms over 15 years old start developing a mind of there own which can mean false alarms. A free onsite survey can be used  to workout what components need replacement to upgrade your old existing alarm. While the main components may have worn out, reusing the existing wiring could  save you a lot of money as mostly it can be reused very easily. It also means new alarm technology and additional benefits can be taken advantage of for a modern alarm system.