Upgrading solves the problem of your troublesome old alarm and gives you a modern trouble free, future proofed alarm system with all the latest technology and apps. Alarm upgrades also cost far less than a whole new alarm system, which allows you to enjoy the latest features at a fraction of the cost.

Basic Alarm Upgrading

Our basic alarm upgrades reuses the existing cabling and some of the existing components. A new master panel and keypad are fitted in the same place that the old alarms occupied, which means no redecorating needed. A new battery is also supplied and then all the remaining existing alarm components are reconnected and fully tested. The technician will programme in codes for you and give you a full training session on its operation, making it a simple and easy process.

Upgrading gives you:

  • A faster upload speed means no more signals getting lost while getting sent to your phone
  • The ability to use your smartphone to arm/disarm your alarm means you never have  to worry about forgetting to arm again
  • The ability to connect to the GSM, INTERNET or FIBRE to communicate which allows you to check the status anytime, anywhere.
  • The alarm remote controllers allows the one remote to operate the alarm, your electric garage door and even a remote gate.
  • Modern alarms have extra capacity, which means extra zones are available to add additional sensors such as a wired in smoke decorator.
  • The opportunity and ability to add outdoor sensors to cover that patio area or boat park.

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