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Garrison Security stocks are range of commercial access control systems for businesses from industry leading brand including NIDAC PRESTO, DIGIPLEX, CONCEPT and FARFISA

At the basic level, where just one or two doors are involved, these are very similar to home intercoms and are usually controlled by the company’s receptionist who will have an audio/video unit and a door release button on their desk. In some situations there is a second answer station with another staff member to cover while the primary person responsible is unavailable.

Businesses though often have additional needs of these systems. For example during the working day the main door may need to be “free egress” as customers and / or staff will need to come in through that door, so the restricted access component is only required after trading hours. In these situations a “programmable” access control system will be needed. Another requirement may be a code pad or a swipe card reader on the outside of the building so authorised staff can gain entry if they are at work before the receptionist or before doors become “free egress “.

In large businesses there may be many doors requiring controlled entry, with different access levels assigned to employees. Some staff may have access to only a few of them, so security access levels will be needed. The more sophisticated commercial access control systems for businesses like these have a memory back up and log so can track who has been where and when, and can be” monitored” so any unusual entries are immediately reported to managing personnel.

Access controlled doors are very good for you and your staff’s personal security. They can feel safe and secure knowing that only authorised fellow staff members can access their area… Access control is a great option for your staff when after hours work is required.


Today’s door access control systems provide instant access once the authorised user waves a their personal “proximity tag” over a proximity tag reader beside the door. A more advanced and secure options is a ”biometric reader” which scans a fingerprint. Gone are the days where once a pin code needs to be updated, remembered and punched in each time!


All commercial access control systems have a back up battery power supply. In the event of a mains power failure the system will continue to operate as normal. A manual override capability is also an option. Accessed controlled magnetic door locks (mag locks) are immensely strong and with almost no moving parts rarely ever fail.

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