Every day over 12,000 homes and businesses We Love Our Customers! rely on Garrison to protect what’s important

Using Quality Equipment, Offering Sharpest Pricing and a 5 year Warranty.

Superior Quality CCTV - No More Grainy Pictures

The Perfect Partner to your Alarm System. Crystal clear pictures day or night can confirm for you (or your monitoring company) what caused that alarm activation: Was it a staff member making a mistake? Maybe a rodent exploring? Or do they dispatch a guard to check a possible attempted break-in?

2-3-4 megapixel IP camera pictures are of such good quality, they can be used as evidence where ACC accidents and burglaries are involved.

Not only is CCTV great security, its also a wonderful management tool, meaning you can keep an eye on the business and staff on your smart phone or PC.

Today’s video recorders have huge memories, so you can store 3 weeks or maybe 3 months of footage for each camera. Automatically the recorder records over oldest unsaved footage, so labour free running.

From 1 Camera to 140 + camera systems available, supplied and installed.

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Home Alarms That STOP Burglary Risk

Statistics show the risk of you being burgled drops by 94% if you use a modern, well configured alarm system. It makes it too difficult and slow for thieves, especially now that alarm sensors both inside and outside can immediately send you a picture of what caused the alarm activate. Was it the kids being forgetful? The neighbours cat? Or an intruder?
  • New alarms installed
  • Old alarms upgraded
  • Repairs and servicing
  • Alarm monitoring

Alarms For Business

GARRISON installed alarms carry a 5 year warranty, to give you a demonstration of our confidence in our alarm equipment.

Monitoring – optional and with or without patrol response monitoring (2 free callouts per year) and no fixed term contract involved either. You can rest easy knowing professional personnel stand ready to jump into action should your alarm report a problem, or an activation after hours, weekends and holidays.

Business alarms with inbuilt access control capability means great security, plus with staff control. You can choose who has access to where and when.

Communication options via analogue, cellular, internet networks or Radionet.

Alarm supervised wired in auto resetting Smoke Detectors. No batteries to replace, ever.

  • Free quotes. Auckland wide
  • Repairs, Additions, Upgrades
  • New systems installed
  • 24/7 technical telephone service support
  • Lease terms available
  • Mastercard, Internet banking, Visa

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Happy Customers

We had our alarm upgraded a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to commend you on your impeccable service.  From Ray as first point of contact, to Greig during the consultation process and Gary on installation your customer service, knowledge, seamless installation, prompt service and enthusiasm was outstanding.  Sadly it is a rare occurrence these days to uncover a company such as yours and what a breath of fresh air it is to experience it.  Well done you guys, you deserve to do well, don’t change a thing!


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