What’s new in the alarm world?

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What’s new in the alarm world?

Well it’s goodbye to the old ‘Spark’ copper analogue phone lines and hello to fibre internet, cellular and radio networks. This has opened up new ways for alarm systems to communicate with you. Should your modern alarm system ever activate, you can choose to receive an alert via phone call, text message or an email to your smart phone.

By installing a free app on your device, your smartphone can be used to arm or disarm your alarm system from anywhere. A handy feature if you ever find yourself arriving at your destination only to realise that you forgot to arm your home or business alarm.

Now you can also identify the cause of an alarm activation

Modern alarm sensors can be equipped with a discreet inbuilt camera. This enables the system to not only sound the alarm, but also send a snapshot to your smartphone the moment its sensors detect any movement in its viewing area. Reducing the stress & anxiety while you are away, especially if the alarm activation was caused by the neighbourhood cat or rodent!


Did you know ‘BIRD TOLERANT SENSORS’ are now available for factories and warehouses. Effective at stopping those annoying weekend and after hours false alarms that birds can cause as they cluster close to sensors.


May 30th, 2017|