Smartphone Alarm Monitoring

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Smartphone Alarm Monitoring

A snap shot  on your smart phone showing what caused your  alarm to activate – now that’s really handy!

Smartphone alarm monitoring can save a lot of unnecessary apprehension and can save you  having to rush home or work to check for a break in.

The new “EYEWAVE” Riscoe cloud based wireless alarm sensor has a camera inbuilt so will send a snap shot of what it saw that caused the alarm to activate, to your phone or PC. Maybe  a staff member or family member has forgotten to disarm the alarm, a neighbours cat has got in etc,  so this system is a great way to self monitor your alarm and save yourself  a lot of unnecessary hassle .

Your smart phone or PC  can at anytime check in to see what the cameras sensor  is seeing, check previous event history like when its been armed and disarmed , and you can also arm or disarm your alarm from anywhere so you are  always in control!

June 28th, 2015|