Why Paradox is NZ’s most popular alarm brand

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Why Paradox is NZ’s most popular alarm brand

Unfortunately spending money on security protection is not looked forward to by most of us, it’s considered a reluctant necessity or a response to a criminal activity.

But the one thing we all like even less is an alarm that activates seemingly for no reason – especially if it’s in the middle of the night or when we are away on holiday.

Alarms vary enormously in quality, the abilities of the electronic components, like alarm sensors, to diagnose correctly what they are seeing  can vary tremendously.

The better the technology, the less false alarms and potential issues.

Paradox has spent a fortune on developing alarm technology that makes false alarms a thing of the past. Sensors now can identify and ignore animals like cats, mice or small dogs – once the bane of any alarm system. The Paradox alarm’s brain has a fully comprehensive diagnostic programme inbuilt, so each day it checks itself out and will report to you if anything  is amiss – so no more the screaming sirens as your first notice of any problems.

Next to alarm reliability is convenience – it’s got to be easy to use!

To arm / disarm the Paradox alarm, open the garage and front gate using a hand held remote or maybe your smartphone, this then automatically disables the alarm.

The Paradox sleek new touch screen intuitive code pads not only help you every step of the way, they are compact, really smart looking and fit into any decor.

Having the alarm text your mobile if it has been activated is another popular function for those who don’t want full time alarm monitoring.

More outdoor security options.

With more and more of us having outdoor dining areas and therefore greater value of furniture, cookers and BBQs sitting out there; protecting these areas when not in use is  becoming essential. Paradox not only have pet and weatherproof outside sensors, but wireless perimeter beams as well.

Paradox alarm sensor cameras – the latest innovation.

This new innovation from Paradox means inside that when alarm sensors activate, you get a picture of what caused the activation directly sent to your phone. This is going to be a  very popular option once the volume of sales climbs and the price of these new sensors comes down.

Paradox from Canada has been the leading brand in NZ for nearly 20 years. It has an unrivalled quality reputation – mainly for sheer reliability in all kinds of homes,  businesses and copes beautifully with New Zealand weather.

February 21st, 2016|