New “IP” Intercoms with Smart Phone Control

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New “IP” Intercoms with Smart Phone Control

Ideal for Offices & Perimeter Security at Home

No longer do you need strategically placed handsets or screens on the walls to answer someone at the door or gate.

With wifi IP intercoms your smart phone can provide remote viewing and monitoring. You can see who the visitor is  on your phone screen, you can talk to them and you can even open the door or gate (if you have an electric lock fitted) for them from anywhere!

No cabling between buildings is required as IP intercoms are wireless and linked to your modem. Your front door or gate just needs to be wired to a local power supply such as the gate motor. IP means crystal clear picture quality that provides you with the ability to see who the visitor is remotely.

No longer do you need to stop what you are doing and rush to an answer station every time someone comes to visit. Considering that most of us have our smart phones on us the majority of times, it makes greeting visitors quick and easy!

You can have both

Of course in some instances its handy to have an indoor answer station as well (usually a full colour flat screen) so that phone-less family members or staff can let visitors in.

Newly installed… or an old intercom upgrade, IP is the way to go.

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July 28th, 2017|