How to Choose a Domestic Alarm System

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How to Choose a Domestic Alarm System

Every home is unique and so are its occupants. Your home security requirements will vary greatly depending on your home’s location, design and age, as well as number of occupants, lifestyles and schedules. Combine this with the vast range of home security products and services on the market, and things can quickly get overwhelming. We’ve put together a quick guide that breaks it all down into 3 simple steps: products, installation and monitoring. 

  1. What Types of Alarm Do You Need? 

Thinking about your security and lifestyle needs will help you to decide which alarm products are best for your home. At the most basic level, motion detector alarms within the home ensure that there is no one moving around inside once occupants leave and an alarm is turned on. These alarms can be unsuitable for people with pets, however. For homes with frequent guests or visitors, smartphone connectivity to an alarm system may be ideal to allow for remote control, while for others a control panel by the door may be sufficient. If you have entrances which you are concerned are an easy opportunity for intruders, additional door and window alarms ensure that an alarm will go off immediately if these are opened. For those who live alone or feel more vulnerable to security risks, a panic button alarm can provide extra protection and peace of mind. 

  1. DIY or Professional Installation? 

DIY installation allows you to save on costs, and many more basic alarm systems come programmed and with DIY installation instructions. But a professional will be able to advise on your home’s security needs and ensure that alarms are installed correctly – and in places where they will be most effective. A professional installation is especially advisable if you are purchasing a more sophisticated alarm system with more than one type of alarm. 

  1. Self-Monitored or a Monitoring Service?

Self-monitoring your home’s alarm system is now even easier with smartphone connectivity – many systems allow you to connect and monitor your home remotely. But for those with a busier schedule and higher security needs, a monitoring service may be the best option. An alarm monitoring service offers 24/7 protection and guarantees that any security issues will be immediately checked by professionals and responded to if necessary. Monitoring services come on a monthly subscription basis and can be cancelled if they are no longer needed. 

If you’re looking for more in-depth alarm or other home security advice, Garrison Alarms has over 35 years of experience in home security and is here to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today. 

May 31st, 2021|