Home alarms in all shapes and sizes

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Home alarms in all shapes and sizes

When we think about home alarms we tend to think about the key pad at the front of the door and a system that protects the whole house. While this describes a home alarm, there are different systems that we can have around the home for our safety; and they are not limited to protecting the house either. Yes, our homes need protecting and so do all our belongings, but it is us that needs looking after as well and that is why we have all kinds of home alarms for all kinds of different occasions. Smoke alarms are different from your average system and are solely there to protect us from any threat of a fire that may occur, but another alarm that people forget about is our own personal wrist alarms that can alert an ambulance with a push of a button. I came across this article which looks at a new concept with medical alert bracelets and how they are helping more and more people.

A personal home alarm is a great little device for anyone who may live alone and find it difficult to get around the home. If you were to fall in your house and could not get up to reach the phone, then a little bracelet on your wrist might just save your life. These are more commonly used by the elderly as they have the most risk of falling down, or injuring themselves in their home and not being able to call for help or alert someone that they are there. It would be a nice thought for your grandparents or parents if they do live alone and are not regularly in contact with someone. This alarm could also be used for your children if you were worried about them when they go out and play or when they get up to their usual mischief .

Home alarms come in many shapes and sizes but they all serve the same purpose; making sure you are kept safe from any threats. If you know someone who is isolated a lot these days and may need assistance, then think about the alert bracelet and how it could save their life one day.

June 30th, 2010|