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Home alarm and pets

Not everyone that has a home alarm owns the property in which they reside. Sometimes when you are renting a house and you move to another one you will find that it comes with an alarm already installed. The landlord on most occasions will tell you the code to turn it on and off and then that is about all the information you and your flat mates will receive. This isn’t ideal as you have no idea what is going to happen if it goes off in the middle of the night or what kind of alarm it is. This is only made worse if you have moved into the house with pets. When i was looking through articles I came across this article which was talking about motion detectors and when they should be used around the home and when they should not ( my case with the pets I think).

I have found myself in this situation as of late you see. We moved into a house and yes it has a home alarm; what type of alarm I could not tell you. I have no idea how it really works apart from having the code to turn it off when it occasionally goes off (this in itself is frightening in the middle of the night). You can imagine how I feel when we factor in the animals that also reside with us at our house as they set off the alarm by coming inside through windows when we are not there. Now I know that we should just shut the window so they cannot come inside but they are old cats and only go outside to use nature’s bathroom.

Basically the home alarm never gets used and this is a shame because it could really protect our house if something were to happen while we are not at home. It would be a good idea for anyone in this similar situation to talk to a professional about the alarm and see what could be done to get around the pet’s setting it off. Hopefully I will take my own advice and see what options I have and how I can use my home alarm to its full potential and not let it go to waste.

May 31st, 2010|