Front gate intercom systems

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Front gate intercom systems

Perimeter security is growing at a very fast rate

Statistics are showing a big reduction in burglary where properties have secured front gates. Burglars need easy access and departure and locked gates make taking your possessions much more difficult and limited to only small items they can carry.

A secured main entrance also means you control who has access to your place and when, which is very reassuring at night or when away on holiday.

Having automatic front gates with remote controllers is the ultimate in convenience for residence, but can be disconcerting for visiting family or friends due to having to call you.

Today’s colour video intercom systems are the answer.

  • a front gate station with a visitor chime button to alert residence of visitor arrival
  • a front gate colour camera so those inside can see who is wanting to gain entry
  • two way audio so  you can talk to the would be visitor before opening the gate
  • a front gate code pad so authorised family can gain entry by entering a PIN code

Even better is a main video screen and gate open button inside the house. A small portable handset comes with it so from anywhere in the house you can see and talk to an arriving visitor and open the gate for them. The portable is especially handy in larger homes or where residents are inmobile.

Front gate video intercom systems are no longer the expensive things they once were.

The great thing with electronics, once designed, perfected and tested, production volumes rise which means the cost comes down.

Because there are a large number of potential applications for video intercoms with each case being different, we offer free onsite quotes.

This ensures all weathering, cabling, sunlight issues and gate release stations are all taken into account – so the intercom is a breeze to use for everyone.

February 21st, 2016|