Fibre Roll Out – More Alarm Communication Options

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Fibre Roll Out – More Alarm Communication Options

You plan to take advantage of upgrading from the traditional analogue phone line  to a  fibre  connection? Do you want your alarm to continue to communicate with a call monitoring station or  your mobile?

THREE new module options you will need to consider adding to your alarm.

An “IP” Module – once installed it connects your alarm via your inhouse modem network, so  alarm signals and communication to your monitoring company will continue as before .

A ”GSM ” Module – once installed in the event of an alarm  activation, it will make a call / send a text to your mobile phones, via the cellular network and also it enables your smart phone to arm / disarm your alarm. All you need is a $20 sim card on the vodafone network. That will last about 1 year, it will tell you when text credits needs topping up.

“RADIONET” module –  once installed  this will report to the monitoring company by radio signal. This method of communication  is  ideal when cellular coverage is unreliable and you still have broadband issues. The radio net transmitter sends a test signal every hour to the monitoring station.

These modules can be added to most alarm brands under 10 years old and as a price guide you will  be looking at  a “one off”  cost of between $400 to 500 dollars  incl gst.

June 28th, 2015|