CCTV Cameras for Homes with Mobile Connectivity: Setup and Benefits

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CCTV Cameras for Homes with Mobile Connectivity: Setup and Benefits

Crystal-clear CCTV footage has become far more accessible and affordable in recent years due to the development of IP cameras. IP cameras have a larger viewing area, reducing the size of camera required and improving picture during daylight and at night. High quality CCTV is now easier to install throughout your home at a lower cost.

The sharper picture quality of modern security cameras also makes viewing home CCTV footage on a small smartphone screen viable, an easy and reassuring way to monitor your home security. The setup process will depend on your CCTV system but is generally fairly simple. If you are installing a new CCTV system this will need to be done by a qualified installer who can also assist you with setting up smartphone viewability. 

Connecting Your Smartphone to Your Home CCTV System

To make your CCTV footage remotely accessible, your recorder will need to be connected to your router via ethernet cable. This will make security footage accessible from your home WiFi network. You will then be able to view CCTV footage when you are connected to your home network, but to access it from outside of your home via the internet, you will need to set up port forwarding rules, which allow remote access to your recorder that is otherwise blocked by a firewall. This is not as complicated as it sounds and mainly involves changing your router’s settings slightly, and your installer can assist you with this step as well. 

Once your router connection is sorted, you will be able to link your smartphone to your CCTV recorder via the CCTV camera’s app. Simply download the app and follow its instructions to connect to your CCTV devices. This is often done by scanning a QR code from your recorder. 

The Benefits

Once connected, you will be able to view both live and previous footage from your CCTV system, allowing you to monitor activity in and around your home whenever and wherever you are.  

Anytime access to your remote CCTV system greatly increases your CCTV’s security value, especially when combined with a home security system that alerts you if an alarm has been triggered. With mobile monitoring technology it is much easier to assess a security concern from a safe distance and respond to it in real time if necessary. 

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June 10th, 2021|