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The Advantages Of A Commercial Burglar Alarm

December 16th, 2014|

Commercial Alarms are designed to meet all your business security requirements and will protect your premise no matter how many staff or customers your business might have. Some of the features commercial alarms include compared to residential alarms are: Commercial burglar alarms have great capacity for expansion, so they can [...]

The Future of Burglar Alarm Systems – Wireless Burglar Alarms using Cloud Based Technology

December 16th, 2014|

Wireless Burglar Alarms have all the features that today's alarms need and the flexibility to cover any situation. They can provide an effective solution whether you need a complex commercial burglar alarm or just a simple home alarm system. Wireless Alarms have many benefits over the traditional alternatives: The simplicity [...]

So How Crucial Is An Alarm System For The Safety Of The Home & Family?

April 14th, 2012|

If you are used to living in a quiet and safe neighborhood, you may ask yourself just how crucial is an alarm system really necessary for the protection of you and your family. The thing that should be taken into account is that these systems provide many different purposes. Usually [...]

Choosing the Right Security System for Your Home

May 22nd, 2011|

Statistics have shown that houses with home security systems are three times less likely to be burglarized.  This is proof that home security systems are effective in protecting your house, family and valuables.   Aside from this, some security systems can also help detect fire, smoke and unusual amounts of carbon [...]

Different Kinds Of Security Systems

May 22nd, 2011|

Installing security systems even in low-crime areas is now becoming more popular because the benefits far outweigh the costs. Choosing the appropriate one for your home can be a confusing task because of the many options available.  Before you go shopping for a security system, it will be well worth [...]

Make Sure Your Security Systems Are Working This Summer

January 25th, 2011|

The great thing about the holidays is that there are two different parts to it. You get all excited about Christmas and New Year’s and cannot wait for those to begin and when they are over and you think there is nothing left, summer comes along to make our day. [...]

Security systems for our cars

May 31st, 2010|

Many unfortunate occurrences can happen to our cars and sometimes these things happen when we are inside them as well; and this isn’t what you want to happen. Among the things that can happen is someone vandalizing our cars or trying to steal something from them; mostly something we have [...]

Start thinking about security systems

April 23rd, 2010|

No matter how much we try to distance ourselves from bad neighbourhoods and crimes buglaries are still going to happen not matter where we are or live. With that in mind we should all be thinking about home security systems as they are important for our safety in this day [...]

Security systems helping university students

March 5th, 2010|

An article I read was praising the security systems that were installed throughout a university last year that had led to a dozen arrests around campus. The university security systems installed were wireless camera surveillance systems and were helping the campus officials a great deal. The university security systems send [...]

A CCTV security system without a price tag.

February 25th, 2010|

CCTV security camera systems can be linked to your home computer, sounds very technological but in fact it's really quite simple. Just like a webcam that you have on your computer, a CCTV security camera system does the same thing, however you shouldn't post it to facebook :). The article [...]

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