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IP technology means your CCTV system will send brilliantly clear pictures to your PC or smart phone

~ Readily identify intruders ~

~ Vandal proof ~

~ Indoor & outdoor applications ~

~ Great deterant for potential illegal activity ~

Inventory Shrinking Savings

Retail business stock shrinkage is typically 2 to 4% of total retail sales. Of that 2 to 4% lost turnover 45% to 50% is attributed to employee theft with 30% to 35% shoplifted.

Statistics show that savings from reduced shrinkage will typically pay for the cost of the CCTV system inside 1 year. A professionally installed CCTV system is good for well over 5 years so can very quickly contribute to future profitability.

Till Cameras Stop Temptation

CCTV monitoring the till area is specifically designed to show you not only what has been sold, what has been rung up on the screen and the amount the customer has been charged, the customer payment method and any handover of cash or change. Having a camera on the job is a sufficient disincentive to stop staff from being tempted to pocket cash sales.

Not only does monitoring the till reduce the temptation from staff, it also reduces the temptation from potential burglars.

Vehicle Management for Carparks

Modern infrared day and night cameras will give an absolutely clear shot of the cars registration number…Great in stopping after hour “hoons” using your property as a meeting area or rubbish dump and certainly stops unauthorised parking by other company workers during the working week.

Security for Employees

CCTV can help employees feel safe and reduce harassment in the workplace from both staff and customers. This is particularly important for those dealing with the public or for businesses operating after hours or where there is only one employee on duty at a particular time.

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CCTV is now substantially less expensive

In recent years the use of CCTV security cameras in every walk of life has soared. The massive number of Cameras made today has meant volume production unit cost savings so a CCTV system will cost you only half of what it would have just 5 years ago. Garrison Security offer a host of purchase or lease options to help ease the pressure on the cash flow.

HORSES FOR COURSES… Have a Garrison Security CCTV surveyor provide you with a quote… It’s free!

There are some important rules for getting your CCTV security camera system customised. The correct cameras to suit your exact environment and their placement is critical to provide crystal clear footage of what is happening at your home or business.


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