The Advantages Of A Commercial Burglar Alarm

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The Advantages Of A Commercial Burglar Alarm

Commercial Alarms are designed to meet all your business security requirements and will protect your premise no matter how many staff or customers your business might have.

Some of the features commercial alarms include compared to residential alarms are:

  • Commercial burglar alarms have great capacity for expansion, so they can easily cope with any additional extensions.


  • The alarms are partitionable, which means one alarm system can easily be set up to manage multiple business divisions and different working hours. Most  commercial burglar alarms like Digiplex will come with at least 4 to 8 partitions. The ability to arm or disarm  a division or partition while others are still working is a very good way to ensure unauthorised staff or customers don’t get into an unmanned department.


  • They feature an access control component, which allows them to not only deter burglars but manage who has access through certain doors. The alarm can also automatically switch from daytime free access to after hours swipe card/proximity tag only access


  • You can manage your own security with in house computer control systems. Commercial Digiplex alarms have NEware software inbuilt which allows you to easily control who has access to where, set up to 32 schedules that will allow people access to a door or floor at certain time and issue each staff member their own unique PIN code for ID convenience.


  • Commercial burglar alarms can be set up to Auto Arm, which means you don’t have to rely on the last person out to set it. The alarm will sense when no one is around and after a certain amount of time will automatically arm.


  • Commercial alarms are very easy to monitor, as they connect to monitoring via any telco system, cellular/IP networks or via Radionet.


Digiplex Evo has been NZ’s top selling  commercial  burglar alarm for over 15 years. Proven reliability, well designed and very competitively pricing is the secret to their success. They are also very customisable as you can start off with a simple kit and expand it as circumstance and budget allows.

Our Free Quotation service is the best way forward, whether you want a brand new alarm or just an upgrade to your current system. Contact us online or call:

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December 16th, 2014|