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Controlling who can gain access to your home or business is becoming increasingly important


Home Intercom Systems

Aiphone, Fafisa, Kokom, BPT and Panasonic are all popular brands of intercoms installed around Auckland.

Each brand offers a selection of models starting with the very basic two way Audio only intercom from outside the front door or gate to an answering station or stations centrally located inside the house.

To this can be added high quality colour video screens so as well as voice communication you can view who is wishing to come in.

Home access control features an electric door or gate lock which can be released to let the visitor in by the press of a button which saves you having to go and let them in.

Great for people who are living on their own, incapacitated or simply wanting to better ensure against unwelcome guests.

Most intercom systems are hard wired, so need a technician to install them however wireless options are now available.

The best way to determine the system which will best suit your situation is to have a surveyor complete a free onsite inspection. This includes checking the cabling options available (or advice on a wireless option where appropriate), where components would be best located, and advising the best brand and model of home access control systems.

If you are simply upgrading an existing system our expert technicians will find the best solution to fit into the same space and make the best use of existing cabling.