A Guide to External Sirens for Home Security

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A Guide to External Sirens for Home Security

External sirens are one of the first and most important lines of defence in a home security system. A visible siren is often sufficient to deter a would-be burglar from attempting to enter your home, because they simply make things too difficult – modern sirens are very hard to deactivate, and draw immediate attention from neighbours if an intruder sets off your alarm’s sensors. 

Correct selection and installation of external sirens is important if you want to protect your home effectively. Sirens should be located where they can be easily seen from potential points of entry, and easily heard by neighbours and passers by if they are activated. The type of home you live in and your security preferences will also determine what kind of external sirens are appropriate, and whether your alarm system should be combined with other home security features. 

Sirens are triggered by the sensors in your alarm system. These sensors can work in a variety of ways, but the most common type is a passive infrared (PIR) sensor, which detects heat. Once triggered, the sirens in your alarm system will go off – how loud they are depends on the model, but each siren will typically be around 120 decibels. 

An alarm system should have at least one internal and one external siren, allowing both the home’s occupants and people outside to be alerted to any intruders. Consider your property’s size and check the sound range of external sirens when considering which siren to install and whether multiple external sirens are required. 

Sirens have different features depending on their intended use. Some sirens are designed for internal use only – sirens for external use will need to have weatherproof features to resist variable temperatures, rain and humidity. Sirens can be powered by battery or wired in: some models allow both so that sirens still function in the event that mains power is cut or lost. 

If you are looking for an even higher standard of security, combining sirens with other home security system features may be the best option. CCTV cameras are another visible deterrent which provide additional monitoring and protection for your home. An intercom system for the front door allows for access control. For more advanced home security systems, a security installation company can help advise you on how to combine and install different security features effectively.


Security consultants who enter your property should be Ministry of Justice licensed, and installers should also be Ministry of Justice vetted security systems technicians. Make sure that any security company you work with meets these requirements. 

Garrison Alarms have over 35 years of experience in home and business security. If you would like any advice about external sirens or home security systems, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

January 13th, 2021|